Welcome to our blog ~ dog of the week the Cane Corso ~ Italian Mastiff

My husband Charles and I make copper cookie cutters in dog breed shapes.

This is a crazy idea he came up with many years ago; I thought it was a little far fetched but he insisted dogs were the way to go.  I hate to admit it but he was right!  As anyone with dogs would agree we love our pets!

We thought we’d start this blog to show off some of our cookie cutters and share them with the world, but we also wanted to learn more from other dog lovers too!  Each week we hope to feature a different dog and share our stories or ones our readers submit.

We decided to feature the Cane Corso first as we have one named Olivia.  We adopted Olivia about 16 months ago.  She is the sweetest and most intimidating puppy most people have seen.  At somewhere around 120 pounds her favorite playmate is the 4 month old rat terrier mix puppy, Eddie, that appeared in our barn lot a couple of months ago.  He weighs in at about 15 pounds and thinks her face is delicious.  Eddie and Olivia are virtually inseparable.  He’s learned how to avoid her awkwardness when she gets wound up and she’s learned to play tug or war with something she could easily be dragging around on her own.

Here is Olivia as a baby.  Precious!


So share with us what you love about your Cane Corso! And how do you like the ears?  We opted for natural but the cropped look great too!


Now for the shameless plug ~ If you love collecting Cane Corso related items we’d love for you to check out our Amazon store for a lovely Cane Corso cookie cutter ~ we’ve just started selling on there!

DSCN4466 ~Kimberly



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